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Welcome to Forest Song Consulting

Carol Bylsma, Senior Consultant and Director, is an experienced educational consultant dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the field of environment, STEM, Environment and Outdoor education, curriculum development, volunteer management, and facilitation.


My goal is to help you achieve your educational goals and create a better future for yourself and your community.

Forest Song Consulting is Carol's sole ownership. The name is a translation of her Dutch last name, which means " of the forest" and her first name Carol meaning a song.


About Us

At Forest Song Consulting, we believe in the transformative power of education. We work with individuals, educational institutes, organizations and businesses to develop innovation solutions and programs to meet your objectives. 

One of our current projects directed at individuals is offering a course in poetry theraphy to overcome anxeity in uncertain times.

Our newly established publishing business offers two products: A Chicken of Independent Means and Other Companion Animals I Have Known by Carol Bylsma. This is a collection of short stories -some funny,  poignant and all fluffy! And a journal to capture your reflective writings. Both available at



With a diverse range of former clients including The GLOBE Program, Colorado River Watch, and U.S. Forest Service, I have provided consulting services to various organizations and institutions.

My expertise in environmental education and research has allowed me to work with schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts

Need help setting up a new volunteer group or help with ongoing development of a volunteer group?

Want help training programs, curriculum development or a facilitator for your meetings?

Let's talk!


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